One pound (16 oz), medium roasted coffee beans

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Bea’s Knees Farm 100% Kona coffee, estate grown, whole bean. One pound (16 oz) bag.  Medium roast.



Bea’s Knees Farm 100% Kona coffee, estate grown, whole bean. One pound (16 oz) bag. Roasted to order, medium.

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Weight 16 oz

5 reviews for One pound (16 oz), medium roasted coffee beans

  1. Arnaud

    These are some great Kona coffee beans. They make exceptional French press that pairs wonderfully with breakfast & hot sauce!

  2. Alberto

    If you are looking for the ideal coffee for your espresso or for the morning cappuccino, Bea’s Knees Farm’s coffee is the real deal. A coffee that tastes like coffee should taste.
    I’m Italian, and therefore I’m very picky when choosing the coffee for my espresso. There are many good artisanal roasters, but most of them tend to overdue it, by adding too many flavors and ultimately hiding the taste of the bean. This is not the case with the beans I receive every month from Bea’s Knees Farm. They are roasted to perfection, giving a great crema even when extracted as single shots. The aroma is great and so is the taste, and it stays pleasantly in your mouth for several minutes after drinking it.
    This is a coffee that would be at home in a nice restaurant in Italy or even in a Italian “bar” as caffe’ of choice.
    The best roasting? Medium. What else?

    Per gli Italiani:
    se, come me, ne avete abbastanza di comprare caffe’ in grani che sa di tutto tranne che di caffe’, questo Kona Medium Roast e’ quello che fa per voi. Da quando l’ho provato sono rimasto impressionato e adesso uso praticamente solo quello.


  3. Len Landi

    I spent a month on Big Island recently and pretty much drank Bea’s Knees each morning. I didn’t realize at the time how much difference there was in body, aroma, and overall taste of Bea’s Knees versus my usual coffee (Starbucks and/or Peets) until I returned home and had some. Plus I understand Bea’s Knees is roasted to order, making the coffee even fresher and less bitter than my usual. I’m now a “convert” to Bea’s Knees coffee.

  4. Sachi Sawamura

    I LOVE the aroma and taste of Bea’s Knees coffee. They were intricate and yet crisp! When I finished the first bag of Bea’s Knees and switched back to my once-favorite coffee, I was pleasantly surprised by the difference.

  5. Anita Rosen

    Love this coffee. I’m addicted, I look forward to getting up each morning so I can drink it.

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