One pound (16 oz), medium-dark roasted coffee beans

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Bea’s Knees Farm 100% Kona coffee, estate grown, whole bean. One pound (16 oz) bag.  Medium-dark roast.



Bea’s Knees Farm 100% Kona coffee, estate grown, whole bean. One pound (16 oz) bag. Roasted to order, medium-dark.

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Weight 16 oz

5 reviews for One pound (16 oz), medium-dark roasted coffee beans

  1. Rick Placak

    I was fortunate to visit Bea’s Knees and see the Farm , the 3 acres of trees and learn about their family history. I’m lucky, because I know the owners and they graciously invited my family to stay with them. Normally a review like this one would be a “Thank You” to the Bea’s Knees owners, but there is no denying their coffee is amazing! There is a lot more to Bea’s Knees than coffee; 80 years of family history growing coffee, fighting off the coffee borer beetle which in the past reduced their yield up to 30% and managing the orchard as sustainable as possible. But the best part is you can buy a bag of Bea’s Knees and enjoy the crema, richness and aroma every morning and be reminded of Hawai’i!

  2. Michael Brent (verified owner)

    I love this place and their coffee! The owners produce one of the finest Kona beans I’ve been able to find, with an approach that is sustainable (think the opposite of k-cups!) and organic. For a smaller farm, they put the science and the work into their yield and I trust the quality of their coffee even more for that. Imagine my shock when also I discovered that I could get a vastly better tasting morning cup of coffee for almost the same cost as what I was buying by the caseload from costco! I’m really happy to have found them!

    • bkfluna18

      Thanks so much, Michael. We really appreciate your business. Just one clarification: we are not organic. We really wish we could be for environmental reasons, but it’s not economically viable for us.

  3. cyndie zikmund

    I drink one cup of coffee a day and want that cup to be amazing. Once I tried Bea’s Knees, I knew I had found the brand I wanted to stay with. The medium-dark roast is rich enough to use as espresso beans and it makes a fabulous latte.

  4. Bob McKee (verified owner)

    I have now ordered coffee from Bea’s Knees three times now, and each time the order has been filled quickly and accurately. The coffee has been excellent! It is what I expect of 100% Kona coffee–full bodied flavor, nicely balanced acidity and pleasing aroma. I’ve tried both the medium roast and the medium-dark roast, and prefer the medium-dark. The product has had a consistent quality across each batch I’ve ordered, so no surprises! I appreciate the effort and care going into the product, and plan to continue to support this farm!

  5. Øystein Lorentzen

    Our first taste have been a perfect experience. Whow, it’s a 5 star! After 6 days it’s still the best coffee for breakfast ever. (We have only testet about 10 different kind Kona coffee)

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