Readers share: scientists, faster cold brew, coffee as it sits

I am very thankful that people share coffee news and articles with me every once in a while. I’m going to share them forward with this post, and share a few other articles that relate to them.

This one was in The Economist in January of this year, “Can scientists save your morning cup of coffee?” I was given the PDF; you’ll need a subscription to read the full article.

Related, “How coffee is both a hero and a villain in the climate change story.”

This next article about cold brew ready in under three minutes surprised and amused me. Ultrasonic cold brew coffee ready in under three minutes. Cold brew is easy; it just takes time. Apparently that time is too long for some. If you want the touted benefits, supposedly less bitter, less acidic, and smoother coffee than hot brewed coffee, but you want it when you want it without planning ahead of time, this might be for you. It holds zero interest for me. I’m also not a fan of cold brewing coffee, though I tried it to have the experience of brewing it and to taste it.

This last article in Serious Eats is in the vein of experimentation I did for the cold brew and Big Joe did for pour-over extraction time. Serious Eats’ is much more thorough and scientific, not like our dabbler experiments. The brother of the person who shared the article is a professional chef. “What Happens to Your Coffee As It Sits, and the Science Behind It.” It’s an interesting article!

I went to the home page of Serious Eats to find out more about who’s behind the website, and today the home page featured another coffee related article! I read tonic water, espresso, and thought, “something for hubby.” And the first line was, “I once spent a summer in Norway as a teenager, so I know firsthand the experience of unending daylight.” The article is titled, “Hold the Foam: This Is the Chilled Ingredient I’m Adding to Espresso This Summer” and the second line says, “Cold, refreshing, and perfectly bittersweet, espresso tonic is an iconic summer drink.” I’m feeling kind of curious. I bet Big Joe is, too. I often substitute SodaStream self-carbonated water for tonic water or soda water in drink/cocktail recipes, and hubby has convinced me that they aren’t the same.

Maybe the Norwegian in the household will serve up an AeroPress tonic some hot, late morning (no fancy espresso maker in the house). This Memorial Day and graduation weekend has been rather rainy. These have been the most consecutive days of sizable rain we’ve had in 2024, and some days it was already raining in the morning. Two days we had moments of white-out, fog, or sitting in low clouds. It’s not all blue skies all the time in Hawai’i.

Thank you to readers N.K., S.W., and P.T. for sharing articles.

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