Bea is shutting down her knees farm

April Fools! The funny thing about this is that years ago we used 99designs to get our logo designed. Different designers around the world submitted their ideas after reading the info about our company. In my description I explained that Bea is my mother, and that “bee’s knees” is an expression, etc. Not all the designers were native English speakers, and some had not mastered proximity, the principle of grouping related items together. I had some fancy designs and multiple renditions for:

Knees Farm

I always suspected that those designers probably thought the most important part to emphasize pertained to my mom. Mom is paramount. And she is. But she does not have a knee farm.

The Hawai’i State Bill HB2298 that I’ve been writing about the past two weeks will be in front of the Judiciary tomorrow. I did my part again, and submitted testimony. This is the last committee hearing before it goes to joint House-Senate Conference. The legislative process feels like a dreadmill to me.

I had written about “showing up” last week, and I think of it in the broader sense that “one has to participate.” I had submitted the claim form to get benefits in the settlements of a class action lawsuit pertaining to labeling of Kona coffee. We’ve received several checks over the years, and some were bigger than I thought they’d be, and received one last week, too. Every little bit helps in this business. The business hasn’t gone the way we envisioned it would, not that we ever thought we’d be making a hefty profit.

On the coffee front, we have a nice round of coffee flowers again, the result from when we got 3/4″ of rain over a week ago. Last week I read about Roastpic, a new app-based image analysis tool for coffee quality control. Maybe I’ll have to download it when it’s available in two weeks and try out the free version, just to see.

Since I’m talking about tech in the coffee world, I’ll also share this: digital beverage printing. Have any of you been served any digitally printed latte art? I haven’t yet seen it; the Big Island is pretty rural, though. I really like the in-the-moment, handmade latte art. I was recently served a very sad looking heart by a well-meaning, young barista. She said she practices every chance she gets, but I suspect that cafe doesn’t get a lot of business. But I’d rather have that any day than a perfectly printed commercial ad or logo.

3 thoughts on “Bea is shutting down her knees farm

  1. I do like the idea of a knee farm, though. I could use a fresh one. Just the left, if you have any in the new crop.

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