Some people like to experiment

After several days throughout February with dribbles of rain, mostly 1/8-inch or less each event, Feb. 28 measured in at 1-1/8 inch. So we have flowers less than a week later. They still have to open. And then the first day of March, the start of the rainy season, we got 1-3/4 inch.

On another note, Big Joe decided to do a pour-over experiment. I don’t know what possessed him. I just randomly received a text one day with the below image and the accompanying explanation and conclusion. He said I could share.

“One pour over. Moved it to the right every 20 seconds for a total of 3 minutes. Added more water to the filter on cup number four and cup number seven. I wanted to check the color so I put exactly one tablespoon into the square dishes. The color stayed remarkably the same throughout.

The first 20 seconds was very tart and fruity. The very last one was rather boring, woody, and slightly bitter. We can also think of this as under extracted to over-extracted, but that terminology is not quite right because usually you drink a whole cup.

Cup number one and cup number two were probably my favorites, but they were all drinkable.

But if you measure your coffee appropriately for the cup you are filling then it’s not necessarily that big of a deal to just pour water until you fill your cup. You might be only over extracting if you selected a too large cup and then kept putting too much water in to fill it up. But grind size could be important.

So you could play with grind size and occasionally test your last 20 seconds of brewing to see how bitter it is.

end of transmission”

There you go! Some people get into their experiments. Thanks for sharing, Big Joe!

I guess it was a little over a year ago that I mentioned UH (Uncle Harold) and his pineapples. We can be trendy and call it regenerative farming. The airlines and wireless carriers sometimes have their “buy one get one” free (BOGO) offers. For UH, it could be “eat one grow one” (EOGO). Eat a pineapple, plant its crown.

We were dropping something off at UH’s, and we were immediately struck by his mango flowers. His mango trees are prolific!! When I looked more carefully, one prolific tree was quite an oddity. My recollection is that UH told me his style of pruning is that nothing grows higher than the house roof. UH had pruned the heck out of this one mango tree, and most of that tree’s energy was in one lateral branch that grew towards a nearby old plumeria tree. The plumeria had very little growth on it, but I did see some growth, so I know it’s alive. It’s sturdy support for the mango lateral.

I took the photo below because it showed a lot of mango flowers. But I just noticed that this different mango tree has some trademark UH training props. He weighs down some chosen branches so that they can grow laterally. Sometimes it’s a recycled bucket/can hanging from wires with heavy rocks inside. In this case it looks like he used some sort of scrap metal. I can’t imagine that too many nonagenarians would do this kind of experimenting. Maybe it’s what gets you to be a centenarian …. You go, UH!

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    1. 210-220 days later is when the fruit is ripe. So that’d be early October for this round of flowers.

  1. Hi! It’s great to be back on the blog. Part of the inspiration came from hanging out with my brother who had borrowed a book called The Physics of Coffee from a semi-professional coffee roaster friend of his. The book contains a lot of information about the physics of coffee flavors from roast to grind to water quality to water temperature to extraction to strength. I also recently found out about John Hoffman and his YouTube channel. He’s a very entertaining coffee expert who does a lot of experimentation.

    I hope my little experiment is clear to the reader what I was doing. It’s basically one cup of coffee brewed but separated into nine stages from beginning to last drop out of the filter. It actually reads pretty well to me considering it was just some text messages I sent. Another silly step I could have done would have been to keep pouring more water until it got really watery and probably would taste pretty bad. Thanks for posting!

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