Earthquakes herald the dragon year

Happy Year of the Dragon! I’m sharing my Mauna Loa photo one more time here, since this is the start of dragon year.

This was taken on my iPhone XS on 11/29/22. A day or two later a friend asked for one or two eruption photos to share with her friend. Almost two weeks later my friend shared that she had also showed the photos to Reverend Jiko at Daifukuji, and Reverend Jiko saw a dragon. Sure enough! I didn’t even see it when I took the photo, or when I looked at the photo. It took others to help me see.

Jumping forward to now … here are a few photos of the cherry blossoms at Daifukuji taken yesterday, 2/9/24. The blossoms’ ephemeral beauty represent the fleeting, impermanent nature of life.

This was just about a half an hour before the 10:06 am earthquake. The group that cleans the temple and grounds on Friday were gathered in the social hall, about to enjoy late morning snacks together. A big shake happened. Then another one, lasting longer.

The USGS information statement said, “a magnitude-5.7 earthquake occurred 2 km (1.25 mi) southwest of Pāhala on the Island of Hawaiʻi at a depth of 37 km (23 mi) below sea level. The earthquake had no apparent impact on either Mauna Loa or Kīlauea volcanoes. Numerous aftershocks have been felt and are expected to continue. This earthquake is likely associated with lithospheric flexure caused by the weight of the Hawaiian Islands on the oceanic lithosphere. “

It was longer than a “usual earthquake” and a little stronger, but nothing alarming. Smaller ones centered closer by can feel similarly. No known damage at the temple or at home/farm. Just a few hanging picture frames were a bit skewed. That’s not to say there wasn’t damage elsewhere, closer to the epicenter. It seems that damage was minimal, however.

I wish you all good dragon power this year!

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