Delicious yet invasive plants; luxury yacht; coffee & sleep

We are back on island. We brought some dried local fruit and some frozen lychee to Mom. But we ate a lot of fresh tropical fruit at Mom’s, grown by Mom. She’s a lifetime member of the California Rare Fruit Growers. I found this excerpt in their Our Roots page: “CRFG considers rare fruits to include the unusual and unappreciated, fruits difficult to grow by reason of climate along with extraordinary and superior forms of conventional, temperate zone fruits.”

Her strawberry guava trees, one red and one yellow, had a lot of ripe fruit. They were about 1 inch big. They are so delicious and perishable, so it might not be easy to find in stores in case you’re wanting to try them. I kept wavering whether I liked the red or the yellow better. I know they’d grow well here in Kona. They’d grow too well, and that’s the problem. They’re one of the worst trees to grow here. That’s why I had to enjoy them in California. This is the entry for strawberry guava on plantpono.

If you live in Hawai’i and don’t know about the plantpono website, bookmark it. I always check it before accepting any plant. There have been various fruits, flowers, plants good for tea that I’ve not bought nor accepted as gifts because they’re invasive.

On another note, this super luxury yacht has been anchored below us, gone maybe a few days, for almost two weeks. It’s strange to see what sort of looks like a lighted Christmas tree out the window at night. You do a double take, because our night ocean view is mostly dark, with just a few known property lights between us and the ocean. With our binoculars we can see it has a helicopter pad on it. Someone on NextDoor shared this link about the $100M yacht Anawa. Hubby and I were hypothesizing why they’ve anchored there. It’s not like we often (ever?) see parked yachts there. We guess that if they do go on shore by smaller watercraft, maybe they use Keauhou Bay, which isn’t too far north. There’s a lot of undeveloped land between us and the ocean, so they shouldn’t have shoreline hotel guests or condo owners using their telescopes and binoculars like paparazzi. They live different lives.

I’ll end with sharing a few coffee-related articles:

I recently browsed this article about, “A study involving hundreds [of] men working in financial trading suggests an interdependency between drinking alcohol and caffeinated coffee can develop in order to self-regulate sleep.”  This other article talks about coffee or a nap making up for sleep deprivation.

And one more article to share, about music and coffee making brains work better. Make sure and drink a cuppa if you decide to read the full study link they provide at the end.

4 thoughts on “Delicious yet invasive plants; luxury yacht; coffee & sleep

  1. Hi Sharlene. Welcome home! I’m looking forward to trying two Bea’s Knees coffees that I won in the Daifukuji auction. Woot!

    1. Thanks, Rob! The taiko youth thank you, too. I won an hour of taiko instruction. I have to think about how I best want to use that …

  2. Welcome home,
    I always enjoy your posts.
    Yes, there are a bunch of strawberry guava’s along our road (invasive but tasty).

    1. Thank you, Faith! Interesting to know you have strawberry guavas. I’m assuming they were already there (because they’re everywhere).

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