Bea’s Backyard in the Fall of 2023

It’s Thanksgiving week. I’m sure you’ve thought that gratitude doesn’t have to be tied to turkey, November, or solicitations to donate to too many worthy causes. I personally struggle with allowing myself to get, or at least feel, too busy, often in the November to January timeframe. This year many things, many one-time events, all seemed to fall around the same time. My friends often hear me complain that I get busy in bursts.

I took time out for a one-day silent retreat, and I was very present for that dedicated time. Interestingly, almost as soon as I returned home, I got mentally caught up in all I had to do, things pushed around by blocking off the time for the retreat, and I felt grouchy. I noticed and felt something in the direction of personal failure, but I reasoned with myself that it was yet another lesson. Next time I need to plan in advance for some gentle transition time.

It reminds me of when I regularly meditated at a center that had trees in the parking lot. They were each protected by sturdy, encircling protective metal cages. There were signs at every nearby parking spot to be mindful of the trees. I had been going for many months. One day after several hours of meditation starting at 5:30am, I pulled out of the parking lot and heard a surprising, jarring, loud thunk and scrape. I had hit a metal tree cage and left a scrape and dent in the car door. Whenever I’d later see that damage, it was a visual reminder to strive to be ever mindful, and it takes constant effort.

We are off island to celebrate Thanksgiving with Bea and bro. We spent about 2.5 hours at LAX (Los Angeles airport) last night, a Sunday, waiting to get to Mom’s. An accident happened after bro was on I-105 coming to get us. They completely closed a section of freeway, and traffic was crawling inch by inch. When my brother finally got near the airport, he was stuck in a tunnel for 20 minutes. He was afraid it was going to be like when he & Bea returned to LAX and had to wait for Bea’s neighbor to reach them. It had taken over two hours from that same under-runway tunnel to where they were waiting curbside. We strategized on the fly, resulting in Hubby and I walking, wheeling luggage, about 15-20 minutes, to get off the airport property and on to a neighboring street where we finally got into the car. Welcome to LA!

I compensated by touring the Garden of Bea this morning, marveling at a fraction of what I can notice and identify that she has growing. I’m always amazed that with all she has, she still knows what pots she has which seedlings in. She doesn’t lose track of her plant babies.

I’ll end with a little clarification about subscribing to our coffee. In the marketing email I recently sent I said, “If you’d like to subscribe at $40/pound, please let me know before January 1, 2024.  Minimal commitment is one pound every three months.” I also reminded you that for shipments over five pounds to one U.S. address, shipping is free. Thank you to the leaders and organizers amongst you who’ve organized a quarterly group subscription shipment to one address, saving you all shipping fees.

We’d prefer a subscription be (a) for a minimum of a one pound bag and (b) a shipment every three months or sooner. We have surprisingly high packaging costs, which is why our half-pound bag costs more than half a one-pound bag. If you choose a subscription that involves half-pound units, it would be $22/half-pound bag.

I want to make a subscription something that works for both of us, so if you’re looking for some other frequency, just ask. What works for you?

Enjoy your Thanksgiving week, reflecting on what you’re personally thankful for, and may you be with, or hold in your hearts, those you love.

2 thoughts on “Bea’s Backyard in the Fall of 2023

  1. The aroma of your Kona coffee is so welcomed in the morning. Ed brews it to perfection.

    Please send our Aloha to your Mom and brother. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

    1. Glad to hear you find Ed’s brew perfect! Thank you for the Thanksgiving wishes. Enjoy time with your ‘ohana!

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