Picking, pigs, prey, packaging and power

The army was out for two days of coffee picking. I believe they picked more in one day than we accumulated for the entire 2021-2022 season. It’s not extraordinary; it was more in line with the two seasons prior to the particularly bad one.

My friend sent me a photo of her day’s harvest the same day. I’d hire her in a heartbeat, but she’s not for hire. All beautiful, red cherry, nothing orange, yellow or green. They have fifty Caturra variety trees that they planted several years ago. Where they are they get less rain than we do, so they sometimes have to water their trees.

Ours are many decades old, classic Kona Typica variety as opposed to young Caturra. We have about 2000 trees. A few years ago we decided to do an exact count shortly after a block has been stumped. We’ve counted two of three blocks so far. It’s easier to get around and to see the individual trees. We’ll have our most accurate count after we stump next year’s block. The number will still fluctuate a bit. Not all trees survive stumping or pig shoving.

My friend is curious to have their coffee analyzed by Pacific Coffee Research, whom they live near, as a learning experience. We had a Q Grader Cupping Analysis done by them back in 2020, just a month before COVID shutdowns. I’m just remembering we originally wanted to do it again in a future season, but then there was COVID, rust, extremely low yield. Maybe we should do it again for this season’s coffee, though.

Thinking of pigs in coffee land … over a week ago, one afternoon for over an hour we heard occasional, strange, loud pig noises from the corner of our neighbor’s property. It sounded nothing like “oink oink.” Makin’ bacon? Just rooting around?

Other farm happenings … our cat was on a lizard killing spree for a couple of days. We’d find gecko tails and see her darting about on high alert. One day I saw her attacking an outdoor rug that ended up all scrunched up, then saw a lizard go flying up in the air. This time it was a green anole, not the usual brightly colored gold dust day gecko, the gecko most of us associate with Hawai’i. None of these are native, and they’re considered invasive species. The gecko video below the two photos fascinates me and was taken a few years ago. My friend labeled it, “Fix yourself.”

I’ll end with something amusing, nothing to do with coffee or happenings on the farm: Japanese products. One time my friend gave me a bag of goodies from Japan for us humans and for the cat. I thought this one was a lychee jelly cup dessert, the kind that little kids were occasionally choking on. Hubby thought it was a lychee mochi.

Thank goodness for the Google Translate app! I have no idea what Ponthur is, but “chicken fillet seafood flavor” does not suggest a sweet treat for a human! The label didn’t meet my expectations for a cat treat at all. There was no image of an animal/cat or of chicken or fish. And it was served on a crystal dish. I’m glad I didn’t pop it into my mouth. The cat did love it.

When I complained about crazy-making itchiness and rash from no-see-ums in the ocean (things you don’t necessarily see that sting or just give you rash later), my friend gave me this to try. It looked like roll-on anti-perspirant. It brought to the forefront how we have expectations with certain packaging. But not all cultures package the way the US does or use the same color associations.

Decades ago when I was in China I found Chinese energy bars with the English name “Omnipotence bar” written on the packaging (not a Google Translate translation). I, of course, had to try them. They were actually pretty tasty. I suspect the name was inspired by Power Bar. Omnipotence is much preferable to just power.

Speaking of omnipotence and power … Madame Pele has already turned off the lava! From the USGS daily update, “The Kīlauea summit eruption that began on September 10th stopped September 16th, and is unlikely to restart.” Not even a week. I really appreciated the return of blue sky and the horizon. You don’t know what you take for granted until it’s gone.

6 thoughts on “Picking, pigs, prey, packaging and power

  1. Oh Mio!

    Did you ever find out what the pigs were doing and that big brush?

    Alaska airlines keeps offering random one day sales with one of the destinations being Kona. Was hoping to catch one and get out there for a couple of days to see the lava flowing. Alas! Next time.

    1. If you want to see flowing lava, you have to go as soon as reasonably possible. Even a local waited a few days in order to bring visitors, and missed it by a day.

  2. Great news about this seasons harvest. Another title for mio’s Camino is Come together
    Does the gel help with the no-see-ums?

    1. I haven’t tried the gel. The help arrived after the crazy itching had stopped. But there will be more opportunities, I’m sure.

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