Coffee and climate change

Recently there has been a lot of media coverage about excessive heat in the US West and Southwest and also in Europe. That interrupted all the coverage about unhealthy air quality from the hundreds of Canadian wildfires, stories of which are returning now. And there were monsoon rains and lethal flooding in India. I feel we’re living in the doom and gloom from fictional and science fiction movies.

So, to that theme, today I’ll be sharing various links I’ve saved up relating to coffee and climate change.

From Daily Coffee News in April, “How Coffee is Both a Hero and a Villain in the Climate Change Story.” It discusses the different land uses of agroforestry vs. monoculture plantations.

In April 2021 there was a little flurry of coverage about a different coffee species, stenophylla, that has greater heat tolerance (on the order of 10 degrees) than Arabica and has better flavor than Robusta. This article was in Reuters, and this one was in the Daily Coffee news. When I tried to find more info on stenophylla in 2023, I found this post from Sucafina Specialty, who backed a pilot project in Sierra Leone.

Finally, here’s a feature about an organic coffee farm here in Kona and what they’re doing for sustainability, “Kona Rainforest Coffee Case Study.” They’re using Blue Planet Energy systems for their commercial power, for storing their solar energy. It was interesting for us since we have a Blue Planet battery for our residential solar system.

Stay cool and may you breathe healthy, fresh air.

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