How to make espresso while traveling

A few weeks ago our friend in Maui sent this photo with no explanatory text. I said, “What’s that? Beer? Bike pump?” Answer: “You should know…” Then I had to look a little closer. I had been so focused on the pump, I hadn’t noticed the little black grinder. Since *I* should know, I figured that must be a coffee hand grinder. Then the pump must be some coffee device. I was thrown off by the Brewed on Maui glass that looked like the glasses from Maui Brewing Company. I was also led astray by all those Hoy Hoy roach traps.

Almost a week later, I received a link to this video, solving the mystery:

The barista is a friend of our friend, who traveled to Maui with all the paraphernalia to make his coffee. By the way, I asked, and he is not a coffee professional, just does this for the enjoyment of it all. To me, the most challenging part looks like pouring the hot water down that narrow tube. What are all the gadgets?

1Zpresso hand grinder
Timemore black mirror timer/scale
Alsainte distribution tool with tamper
Espresso Forge manual espresso press

I shared the video with our Italian friend, loyal coffee customer, who must have his daily quality espresso. He replied with:

His wife interpreted the response as, “All of this for an ‘americano’?”

Today I received these photos. The barista is back on the mainland and apparently now out of his Bea’s Knees coffee.

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