A Kona Coffee Christmas Poem

The Kona Coffee Farmers Association published this poem today. It’s such a good one, I have to share it, too. It was written by KCFA member Joanie Wynn to her husband Steve, for Christmas 2022.


‘Twas the night before Christmas, when out on the farm
The pigs were all snorting and causing alarm,
They’d torn up the lawn and caused damage to trees,
Which was nothing compared to the coffee disease.

“A fungus among us!” cursed old farmer Steve,
“A leaf rust, a menace, it’s hard to believe!”
But that wasn’t all the poor farmer had battled,
CBB beetles had made him quite rattled.

The weeds overwhelmed him, the drought gave a fright,
Each month he slogged through, with no end in sight.
Supply chains were straining, fuel prices rising,
The fact he survived it was somewhat surprising.

The coffee still grew, though somewhat diminished.
Pickers went home, for the harvest was finished.
The cherry all pulped, laid on the deck drying,
A sense of achievement, no matter how trying.

The farmer, so weary, turned in for the night,
Dreaming of coffee not ruined by blight.
Under the covers, tucked tight in his bed,
Dark roasted coffee beans danced in his head.

No visions of Santa or tiny reindeer,
Just hope for a more robust crop without fear.
His dreams were of coffee fields loaded with cherry,
of bags full of green beans, of farmers so merry.

The next morning came with a strong cup of Kona,
Gifts were delivered; FedEx, Amazona.
The farmer would smile and put away strife,
Embracing the joys of his Big Island life.

A happy occasion, a time to rejoice,
With friends and with family, a time to give voice,
To gratitude, fellowship, season of hope,
To fortitude, strength, and the courage to cope.

More fruit was coming, new snow on the trees,
A hearty crop promising bounty and ease.
The yields would be staggering, bigger and better,
The farmer believed that, now more than ever.

Despite all his trials, he truly felt blessed.
He was cheerful and buoyant, no longer stressed.
He grinned and exclaimed as he kicked off his flip-flop
“Merry Christmas to all! And to all a good crop!”

Our poinsettia planted in 2020 in December 2022.

2 thoughts on “A Kona Coffee Christmas Poem

  1. I heard the Rohatsu ceremony at your temple was great. Philippe told me all about his experience. So chill and warm. Here’s to a warm holiday season and the promise of another year of happiness.

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