Short trip to the big city

Hubby and I made a short trip to the big city of Honolulu last week. We’ve just determined that we haven’t been to Waikiki together since 1999, before we even had a digital camera or cell phones. We’ve been at the airport together since then, but we hadn’t spent days on O’ahu together. Wow.

In the recent 2020 census, Hawai’i island had a population of a little over 200,000. O’ahu had a little over one million. Waikiki is a completely different world from Kona. Inevitably people from the Big Island have to go to Honolulu for some sort of medical care or appointment. That was our situation, so we built a little getaway around it.

While there we made a stop at Kona Coffee Purveyors. When I googled it, search hits were also bringing up that the owners had recently listed their house for $14.8M. I don’t think it’s possible to make that fortune from a cafe. More likely, if you have that money, you can indulge in a passion project cafe. Anyway, I wasn’t so much interested in the cafe because of real estate or the coffee. I am grateful for them carrying good Kona coffee and preparing and serving it in a manner that properly shows it off. They have a great retail section with all sorts of coffee nerd paraphernalia. The draw for me, though, were the (San Francisco-based) b.patisserie pastries they carry.

There seemed to always be a line, which we were reluctant to join. On our last morning we were undecided whether we’d walk a mile to a place we had in mind for breakfast or go to Kona Coffee Purveyors. It was raining pretty hard that morning, and Kona Coffee Purveyors was close to our hotel, so that decided it. We ended up waiting thirty minutes for our pastries and coffee, but we stayed dry. We had to get two pastries each since we had swum AND waited in a line.

I ordered an Aeropress of Konawaena coffee since Bea is an alma mater from that school and my cousins teach there. We noted that the barista used the inverted Aeropress method, hubby’s preferred style when he uses that device. I had forgotten that this was the cafe where the 2019 US Aeropress champion Towa Ikawa worked. (She wasn’t there or my barista that day).

The coffee sure beat the coffee we had at the hotel restaurant the day prior. Good coffee, bad coffee … it’s coffee, and it serves its purpose. I thought this article about cultural omnivores described it well.

The next day back on the home front, it was a rare day where it was very grey and rainy, already in the morning. In fact, we ended up getting 1.5 inches that day (not even evening/night), and this is supposedly our dry season. Some areas even lost power (under an hour) and phone service, though I’m not sure it was related to the rain. We’ve gotten about eight inches of rain this month; last October we got half an inch.

Lastly, Bea sent some photos from her Southern California suburban garden. (She’s much more likely to send flower and plant photos than fur baby photos). It’s fall and it’s time for making hoshigaki, dried persimmons. This is definitely a slow food item. Hanging the fruit is the traditional, time-consuming, more delicious method, and involves massaging each fruit once or twice daily after a certain point. I never had much luck with the hanging method, plus we have a cat. There are two problems with a cat — she’d either play with them, or her fur would somehow manage to blow onto the fruit and get stuck on them. I’ve included a photo of my dehydrated persimmons (also hand massaged) to show how much they shrink.

Bea’s Buddha’s hand citron tree was very prolific this year. She even found a long-fingered fruit that’s throwing a shaka!

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