Bread, booze, liqueur, and the microwave

Today, I’m just sharing links of topics I found interesting. Coincidentally, these are all from Perfect Daily Grind.

Do you enjoy toast with your morning coffee? Artisan bread complements specialty coffee in various ways. This article addresses How are artisan bread and specialty coffee linked?

Then there’s bread and cheese paired with wine. In the specialty coffee world, we often compare growing coffee to concepts people might be familiar with from the wine world. This article fleshes that out, including whiskey, too. Comparing coffee and alcohol production.

If wine or whiskey aren’t your thing, maybe making your own coffee liqueur appeals to your creativity. Make your own coffee liqueur at home.

Maybe none of that is interesting. Do you tend to get busy after making your cup of coffee and then you microwave it to warm it up? Maybe you feel like going into the weeds on the topic, Should you microwave coffee? (You can go to the end for the summary).

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