Love your neighbor, yet pull not down your hedge

(Quote by George Herbert). Removing huge weed trees is absolutely fine, though. Today it’s just a short post with a few photos at our south border we share with the ‘ulu coop. That border used to be very shady and overgrown. Now many of the weed trees, mostly autograph trees and African tulips, have been removed. That’s a good thing. One African tulip fell during the blizzard warning in December.

It’s awkward to suddenly see our neighbor’s yard, especially since it’s a commercial operation. But they’ll plant things and so will we, so eventually we’ll have more privacy. It’s good to be rid of large sources of weed tree seeds.

Today, I’ll leave you with a nice overview of Hawaiian coffee from the Perfect Daily Grind.

2 thoughts on “Love your neighbor, yet pull not down your hedge

  1. You sent me to the web to remind myself about what Robert Frost said about walls. The web site “Mama Lisa’s World,” (I have no clue how that came up first, but anyway … ) attributes to Benjamin Franklin the quote you attribute to George Herbert. Since Herbert predates Franklin, he wins. Somewhat more interesting is the Robert Frost poem, “Mending Wall,” that begins, “Something there is that doesn’t love a wall, … ”

    Other than your blog posts, I’ve never heard of an autograph tree. An interesting name. What can you tell us about the name? Please post a photo or two. (Yes, I could Google it.)

    1. I thought I had replied to this, but I probably forgot to push the final button … I will still give my personal answer about the autograph tree name, with a good photo or two. I’m keeping my eyes open for a good specimen.

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