Where’s that good rain?!

It’s Thanksgiving week, and we have much to be thankful for, “we” personally and individually, and “we” as collective Americans, despite ever-changing environments and scenarios. I like this kind of Thanksgiving challenge: What are you thankful for, in six words or less?

Personally, I have to constantly coach myself to linger more on the positive, because our brains gravitate towards and settle on the negative. It’s what scientists call the negativity bias. As Rick Hanson says, “the brain is like Velcro for negative experiences, but Teflon for positive ones.” Supposedly this bias is to help us learn, but it’s not great for mental health. I recommend reading this little blog post, Take in the Good, by Hanson.

One fact for our coffee is, however, that it still isn’t raining much. Last year in October and November we received 3 and 7 inches of rain, respectively (as measured at nearby Kainaliu). This year, 1/2 inch fell in October; and 22 days into November, we’ve received 0.05 inches of rain for this month.

It is what it is. I chatted with a neighbor of Bea’s generation, and he said new farmers stress out about this lack of rain. “But you stay watch. When it start raining again, dey come back.”

There was a nice overview about Kona coffee in the paper shortly before the coffee festival. The festival came and went, and I missed the Ho’olaule’a (celebration) by not paying proper close attention. At least we caught the coffee stroll in Holualoa.

We have probably one more sizable picking, which might bring our season’s yield slightly above last year’s. And then a small cleanup picking or two. May we all reflect this Thanksgiving and linger on our blessings. I’ll leave you with some photos from today.

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