Coffee — eat it, make it boozy, or create dessert

On the farm, it’s just a lot of green berries growing at the moment. It has been wet. In the last four weeks there were only four days it didn’t rain. More weeds outside, things rusting, and more mildew discoveries inside the house. We and the cousins had a big, inconclusive debate about whether this is “normal.” Maybe normal for the old Kona of our grandparents’ time. It does seem like since the big 2018 eruption, the old days of blue (vs. voggy) skies (when it isn’t raining) and more rain is the new norm.

Today it’s another short post with a few links to topics perhaps interesting to you.

Can you eat coffee beans? I’ve only eaten them with chocolate surrounding them; what a great combination. This is the first article I’ve read that talks about eating unroasted (green) beans. I have no desire to even try it.

Big Joe, take notice: Six tips for blow-you-away coffee cocktails. Maybe we’ll have to try the Cold Brew Old Fashioned. Big Joe, when visiting, bought us several bitters, including Angostura. And our most recent guest bought us (and his future self?) a Costco-sized bottle of bourbon whiskey. This article is about the espresso martini. You can also use the “Search” window at the bottom of this website to search on “cocktail,” and you’ll find a few posts featuring Big Joe’s Bea’s-Knees-inspired cocktails.

Coffee liqueurs and spirits: is quality getting better?

And, finally, this article has four dessert recipes that use coffee. I’d like to try at least one. I wonder what the occasion will be that I actually do it. I have a sizable stack of recipes I want to try. Every once in a while I make myself try at least one a week, then life/something happens, and it’s months before I try a new recipe again. What motivates you to experiment in the kitchen?

2 thoughts on “Coffee — eat it, make it boozy, or create dessert

  1. The “six tips” article really spoke to me. Lots of good advice on there. He’s very open-minded and experimental. He’s actually got me thinking about mocktails — making non-alcoholic drinks in the “spirit” of The Cocktail. The surprising notes of bitter or aromatic are often ignored in even a “fancy coffeehouse drink”. Things like shaken vs stirred are worth considering.

    So that, plus the “espresso Martini” article, make me revisit my coffee Martini recipe. Mine was designed to be pure and clear and look and taste closer to a real Martini (with no sugar) . The article shows a more popular style with plenty of sugar and that is shaken to create a lovely froth. Possibilities abound.

    1. I know it’s all about capturing your culinary curiosity, Big Joe … maybe you need to create an ube coffee dessert paired with a coffee mocktail …

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