Introducing Keikis to coffee?

Today, just a short post. It’s been starting to rain more again, which is great for those recently stumped coffee trees. Some trees are starting to blossom again. This round of Kona snow is developing and has yet to peak.

Today I thought I’d just provide some links to some of my curated online articles.

This one might get a rise out of some of you parents, “Introducing Children to Coffee.” I don’t recall really caring about or trying coffee until I was a sophomore in college. But as an adult, I had a few colleagues that’d take their younger child to the local cafe/Starbucks on a weekend day, and the child would get a hot chocolate and/or pastry, and that’d be a weekly ritual of quality time together.

That topic feeds well into this article that summarizes all the mentions of coffee in the new American dietary guidelines, for 2020-2025. The American Cancer Society also updated its guidelines last year, and coffee plays into those.

And here’s a report about an Italian study, espresso, and death. Stay alive with espresso!

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