Want to be a Californian coffee farmer?

I’ve written a few posts about the recent movement to grow coffee in California. Brief aside, this is a good opportunity to metaphorically teach you to fish. At the bottom of all the website pages, there’s a Search text box. You could put in “California” to find search hits within our website to find those old articles.

Here for your amusement are a few more recent stories on the topic:

Coffee in San Diego North County

And, for a lifestyle farm just under 10 acres in size in Montecito, you’ll need just under $15M. What do you think the probability is your farm business would ever be profitable?

Since we’re on the topic of terroir, here’s a succinct reminder from Luxury Travel Magazine, “What’s the Fuss About Kona Coffee From the Big Island?

And, a follow-up on the topic of my fear of planting trees, the avocado we planted in November, grew six inches in the past six weeks. We recently picked up a few different plants just because we saw them while at Ace Hardware and recognized they were on our list of desired plants that we keep a lookout for. I’m happy to report that we have our new plant little-fire-ant quarantine process down, which gives us peace of mind, and the plants were all ant free.

Hubby just planted a Yamagata avocado near the Kahalu’u one. I thought he planted it too close. It was 13 feet away, but the recommendation is to plant them 25-35 feet apart. It is just so hard to imagine the potential of these now young 3-4 foot tall trees. He insists he’s going to aggressively prune them, but I convinced him to move it now. It’s so much easier in the long run. They’re now 21 feet apart.

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