Weeds In the Field and In My Brain

We’ve still been getting almost daily rain, usually in the late afternoon or night. Sometimes it comes down pretty hard, but the land takes it in. No mud or puddles in the morning. We swear the weeds seem to grow inches with each rain, though. That’s mostly what’s going on on the farm now … weeding, while we wait for more berries to turn red.

I didn’t get the good photo of hubby, who looked like a porcupine yesterday, with needle seeds sticking out everywhere. He said the weeding wasn’t as bad as trying to get the needles out. He spent an hour just with his t-shirt and didn’t even finish. Other clothing items would be groomed out another day.

On a completely other note, here are two articles essentially sharing the same news about research into acidity and antioxidants in cold brew versus hot coffee. A friend recently shared that one, and I filed it away to share with you all, and rediscovered the same news I had filed away half a year ago. I thought the news sounded familiar. Ha ha.

One thought on “Weeds In the Field and In My Brain

  1. Sharlene, I enjoy the personal notes that occasionally supplement the more technical articles and notes. Your friends who are temporarily (meaning, until an earthquake slides us into the Pacific) anchored to the mainland are monitoring your transition with interest and affection.

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