Seize the (Coffee) Day!

Tomorrow (Tuesday, 9/29) is National Coffee Day and Thursday is International Coffee Day. Last year I had more to say on the matter (if interested, refer back here), having recently returned from Norway. This year, we were supposed to have in-law guests from Norway around this time. Every single one of us knows how this year has been unlike any other.

I’m so glad we took our vacation last year, and we spent quality time with many family members. And the trip wasn’t around a triathlon race, or worse, taken because of an illness or death. It seems we often put off the just-because trips, instead always prioritizing the other occasions, leaving little leftover time for just-for-fun. Seize the day! I wonder if more of us will do that after this pandemic is behind us.

Unrelated to my musings, but more to the topic of coffee, a friend shared this well-designed graphic about How Coffee Works. There’s the “growing” (nature) and then there’s everything else (nurture). This article is interesting, “Nature vs. Nurture: What Has the Greatest Effect on Coffee Quality?”

Nurture can highlight nature’s intrinsic qualities, but it cannot work a miracle.

Happy Coffee Day, my friends!

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