Ack!! Did you realize that we close out summer today?!

I came across an article about summer coffee cocktails just a few weeks ago, but the title is SUMMER coffee cocktails, and I realized that today is the last day of summer this year. I suspect many of you have experienced a loss of time perspective a few times this year. COVID-19 seems to have had that effect on people. Some say the days all blend together. For many of us, there aren’t trips or memorable, large get togethers, big weddings, the end of school, graduation ceremonies, or the start of school to help separate parts of this year. It’s just before-shutdown and now. And “has it really been seven months already?!”

Cocktails remind me of my friend Joe, AKA, Big Kahuna Kahlua Joe. He was having ICE CREAM before 8:30am because he’s a cream & sugar coffee drinker, and he was out of half & half and even milk, but he did have ice cream to improve his coffee.

Ice cream in the morning feels rebellious. There have been a few times my husband and I have ordered ice cream at Kope Lani on Ali’i in Kailua-Kona before 8:30am because it already felt hot and we felt like it after swimming. It’s fun to be the first of the day, when everyone else is having coffee, and see the owner remove the insulating boards covering the ice cream cartons.

I hope you’ve enjoyed your last day of summer. And maybe you can still squeeze in a summer coffee cocktail in summer, or maybe in the fall, and evoke that summertime feeling.

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