Months after the sweet, white flowers … luscious cherry!

In the truck bed is a full day’s work, from 6am-4pm, of ten pickers. How many pounds of cherry do you think are in those burlap bags?

Following sizable rain, about one to two weeks later coffee flowers burst forth, emitting their lovely, delicate jasmine aroma. And like clockwork, ripe, red cherries can be picked about 210-220 days, about seven months, after blossoming.

We are currently in the middle of our third round of probably five or six pickings for this season. We’ve already harvested more cherry than our entire first season in 2018. This year and last, we’ve had good rain, and the volcanic action has stopped for now, bringing back vog-less blue skies that have been missing for decades. And the trees have had more years of regular care.

Answer: Day 1’s harvest in the truck was about 1400 pounds.

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