What Cup Material Gives You the Most Drinking Pleasure?

Drinking coffee is a daily pleasure for many people. And for those who make coffee at home, the favorite cup is an important part of that. Ceramic? Double-walled glass? That’s Bea’s favorite; she even bought some for us.

Then there are the to-go containers. You might pour your home brew to go in a stainless steel mug, many of which have a silicone rim so you don’t burn your lips. Or maybe a thick plastic mug. Or a double walled insulated plastic mug with a lid. There are the paper to-go cups, maybe doubled for heat protection when you pick up coffee to go. The cafe or you might add a thin plastic lid to prevent spillage.

You’ve surely noticed that the material does affect how your coffee tastes and the experience of drinking coffee. Despite the silicone rim on the Contigo, something about it, I almost always burn my lips and mouth. I don’t like drinking from the sippy hole on thin plastic covers of paper coffee cups. I just don’t drink “right.” My stainless steel cup works pretty nicely, but even if the metal doesn’t absorb flavors, the silicone edge has picked up previous chai and other tea flavors.

Maybe you’re now motivated to browse this recent article, “Do Different Materials Affect The Flavour Of Your Coffee?”

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