Hurricane. Climate Change. Coffee. Capitalism.

The recent big news was Hurricane Douglas. Hawaii has dodged the bullet, which it often does. In Kona there was only a little bit of rain (less than 0.2″); the Monday after had 0.6″. There was no wind since Douglas blocked off the usual trade winds.

Hurricanes hitting Hawaii land are rare events. From “the Internet:” “The last hurricane whose center made landfall on the islands was Hurricane Iniki, which made landfall on Kauai in 1992, killing six and causing $1.8 billion in damage. According to Ars Technica, besides Iniki, only two other storms have made direct landfall; Hurricane Dot in 1959 and an unnamed storm in 1871.”

The thing that worries me is global climate change and hurricanes and tropical storms becoming more intense and destructive.

I read this article a few months ago. It’ll expose you to other deeper, controversial thoughts relating to coffee and its production. Part of its claim is:

Wherever coffee production has become an intensive national focus, environmental devastation has followed.

But don’t be misled by that statement that you know where this article, “Unfair Trade,” will go. “Coffee is the spirit of capitalism in brewed form.” Slavery. Market manipulation. Misogyny in coffee ads. Fake Kona coffee. It’s an interesting read.

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