Roasting at Home

I mean roasting your coffee, not yourselves. It is summer, after all. The Norwegian in-laws that live north of the Arctic Circle have been enjoying temperatures above 90F. That’s hotter than Hawaii. This is related to the news about Siberia recently hitting heat records and the permafrost melting. Scary.

This will be another short post, and takes the Coffee at Home post from two weeks ago a little further. Why not roast your own coffee? This is a nice introduction to roasting coffee at home. And here’s another similar article from the same source. We do sell green (unroasted) beans in small amounts (pound or more) for individuals. Use our contact form to inquire.

Bea’s Knees Farm uses a fluid bed roaster. This article delves a bit into fluid bed roasters, as opposed to drum roasters: Fluid-bed roasting, the path less taken.

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