I want to post something, but all I have are three tidbits to share this time.

When someone asked me what’s the most important thing for making good coffee, my opinion was to freshly grind the coffee. Burr grinders are the best. Many are expensive, that’s why I tried out an inexpensive hand grinder. I recently read this article about other improvised methods to grind coffee — this isn’t burr grinder quality though.

Tidbit #2: For those who are stocking up on coffee during sheltering because you’re unsure about the supply chain. Here’s another article about freezing coffee beans.

Tidbit #3: I read the COVID-19 daily updates from the Hawaii Dept. of Health. They have free infographics and posters available. “Languages featured are English with Hawaiian, Japanese, Tagalog, Ilocano, Korean, Simplified and Traditional Chinese, Samoan, Vietnamese, Marshallese and Chuckese.”  Chuckese?? I also had to look up Ilocano.

Stay safe and healthy!

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