Some Changes in 2020

Greetings and Hau’oli Makahiki Hou in 2020! We hope you were able to spend some special, meaningful time over the holidays, and that you’re feeling optimistic about this year, decade, and beyond.

We have a few administrative changes to let you know about. You should not be seeing our coffee with the little circle sticker 100% Kona seal anymore. There has been no change to our coffee. We are still 100% Kona. However, we decided not to renew our membership with the Kona Coffee Council, and therefore can’t use the seal. We are still members of the Kona Coffee Farmers Association. We may or may not use their seal.

We will be raising our shipping prices by a dollar starting in February to reflect the United States Postal Service flat rate shipping changes taking effect at the end of January. We set our shipping prices in 2018 and then the USPS rates went up a few months afterward. Since they’re going up again, we are changing our rate this time. We still offer you free shipping with orders of five pounds or more.

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