Second Crop Available Now

Our online shop has coffee for sale again! Our first harvest was a little earlier than last year’s, but somehow the coffee got milled around the same time, close to Halloween.

We thank those of you who supported us in our first full year of coffee sales, helping us to sell out in August. Now we’re on to year two! We should have more coffee to sell this year. Your support and help could be the obvious — buying our coffee, reviewing our coffee — but also just helping us get the word out that we exist and sell coffee.

If you’re interested, we’re roasting peaberry on November 4. Contact us, if interested in ordering. Pricing is $45 (16 oz bag), $25 (8 oz bag), and $14 (4 oz pouch).  We’ll send you an invoice via PayPal. 

This journey has been quite a learning experience. Thank you!

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