Coincidentally, this post ties in well to last week’s. Today I had a special treat of spontaneously visiting a cafe I had never heard of or been to, with a friend who had recently discovered it. They serve specialty coffee in handmade ceramics. For me, it’s a delight to drink coffee out of a handmade cup that I visually appreciate and enjoy holding. There are those “I need coffee!!” times, and then there are the moments you really sink in and enjoy coffee.

What is it for you?

By yourself in the quiet of the early morning, before the rest of the household is stirring?

With others?

When you visit a favorite relative in the afternoon (grandparents come to mind), and she/he serves coffee and a special baked goodie?

As the final flourish at the end of a satisfying multi-course dinner out? (for those with low sensitivity to caffeine …)

When you’re out for breakfast?

When you go to your weekly meetup with your peeps?

When you’re on vacation?

After the rest of the family heads off for the day, and you finally have time for yourself?

When it’s cold, grey, and dreary outside?

It’s a snow day?

An easy-to-blow-by experience like a cup of coffee is an opportunity to delight in a brief moment of pleasure and indulgence in your day.

Don’t you want it to also be a good cup of coffee?

One thought on “Savoring

  1. Your final suggestion, “An easy-to-blow-by experience … ” is the important ingredient, besides the good coffee part, to savoring. For me, part of the savoring is being alone in the kitchen in the early morning, patiently working through the ritual of making a pour-over cup of coffee (water at the right temperature, coffee weighed out to the exact number of grams, slowly pouring the first drops and waiting for the bloom, slowly pouring the water, … ) I can do all that in a trance, my unfocused mind racing around, or I can savor. The latter is better – when I remember to do it.

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