Kill the K-Cup

I wanted to share two articles about the Keurig K-Cup®, and finally actually watched the short video, “Kill the K-Cup,” that came out … oh, four years ago. (I’m often years behind things that once went viral.) I think it’s hilarious.

Before reading anything about the K-cup, I knew it wasn’t a machine or system for me, mostly, because of all the waste. Also, you’re limited to what’s offered, though you can get a reusable cup & fill it yourself, your way. But then you seem to be going against the convenience of the system and the ready-packaged pods, vacuum-sealed in nitrogen to reduce oxidation. And you’ll have to get and grind the coffee, clean the K-cup … bah!

According to The Atlantic article, one out of every three American homes has a pod-based coffee machine. The inventor intended it as a convenience at the office. When using this coffee delivery mechanism, standard coffee is sold at about $40/pound . People pay that and don’t think it’s expensive, but people think Kona coffee is expensive?

These two articles make good points. The long one by The Atlantic was shared by my friend who owns a K-Cup machine (more for his guests than for himself) and seems to hate that he does (even before he read the article).

“The Environmental Impact of K-Cups” (by Home Grounds)

“A Brewing Problem: What’s the Healthiest Way to Keep Everyone Caffeinated” (by The Atlantic)

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