Class of 2019, Three Months Later

The stumps of 2019 were pruned in late January. They are doing well, with lots of new shoots. In the next week or two it’ll be time to remove suckers and choose the top five verticals for each tree.

Wow, when I found the “before” photos, I realized just how much has improved. The photos below are from only two years ago, showing the same area that was just stumped this year. It was a jungle. We did the big, general clean-up of the coffee land early last year, when we unburied and revealed the coffee by getting rid of rogue avocado trees, unwanted African tulips, rampant autograph trees, etc. Then when the coffee was stumped this year, and the clippings chipped and used as mulch, the area opened up and was transformed.

We definitely feel a sense of satisfaction.

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