What is peaberry? It’s a natural mutation of the coffee seed inside the coffee fruit. What we drink comes from the coffee fruit seed. Normally one fruit contains two seeds, similar to two parts of a peanut, with the flat sides abutting. But in about 5% of the fruit, which is true for our farm, the fruit contains just one whole, round seed, which is denser than the normal coffee seeds. You can’t tell from the fruit which fruit contains peaberry. It gets revealed during processing.

During dry milling, we sort out the peaberry from the regular coffee. Because peaberry is smaller and denser, they roast differently than regular coffee. It takes a little longer to roast peaberry, and it has a different flavor. Some people think they taste sweeter, more flavorful, and better. You have to decide for yourself. We don’t have much of this, so it’s not listed in our Shop products, and it costs more since we have considerably less. Contact us if you’re interested in buying green peaberry or roasted peaberry.

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