A Coffee Pot Terrarium

The idea for a coffee pot terrarium came to my attention just recently. I think this is right up Bea’s alley. Most people share photos of children or pets; she shares photos of plants, flowers, and fruits. My mom has an amazing green thumb. And she enjoys being creative. She’ll think something is neat, and then she wants to make it.

She grows many exotic plants that often require tricks to get them to thrive or to produce fruit. Cherimoya is one example that comes to mind. You have to do the job of the bee/Bea. You go out in the afternoon, find male flowers, brush off pollen and collect into, e.g., a film canister. Then find female flowers and dip your paintbrush in the pollen and then into the base of the flower that has the stigma. Before she learned that, she had one fruit on the whole tree. Now she often gets many.

I digress. This post is for Bea and you creative types. These two articles describe this clever idea to make a coffee pot terrarium:

And one from acharmingproject

I just recently donated two old coffee pots, too. Darn.

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