Bea’s Knees Farm Coffee Now Available at Ava’s Downtown Market

Owner Juan pictured in the coffee aisle of his store.

For those of you in the San Francisco Bay Area, Bea’s Knees Farm coffee is now on the shelves at Ava’s Downtown Market in downtown Mountain View. This is the first, and currently only, brick & mortar location selling our coffee. Coffee will sell at $19.99/half-pound here. What’s on the shelf was roasted on Dec. 17.

Years ago, Juan and I were chatting about various things concerning the store. Somehow I learned he really liked the large coffee burlap sacks (they often hold around 100 pounds). I had several from various Kona farms because I wanted to sew one of those reversible handbags, with fabric on one side, and the logo part of a burlap coffee sack on the other. (I still haven’t made one). I gave Juan a burlap sack a few days afterward.

Fast forward to now. I was shopping in the store and Juan mentioned he still has that burlap bag I gave him. I told him we now have roasted coffee from our family farm, and I later brought him a bag as a gift. He asked if I wanted to sell it in the store. I said no. But I reconsidered.

Juan is a kind, personable, thoughtful, and ever-helpful grocer. To me, he personifies what you fantasize your local grocer can be. Regardless of whether you buy our coffee there, when you shop there, you directly support Juan and his family.

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