Dry Milling

In coffee processing, dry milling (or parchment milling) follows wet milling (the collective steps from coffee cherry to dried parchment).  Dry milling is when the parchment skin, the husk, and the silver skin are removed from the bean.  The result is green coffee, and the beans are graded.

Our coffee is dry milled at the Holualoa Kona Coffee mill, who mills for many farms.

This video shows the parchment going up the elevator towards the huller.

On the right is the elevator which brings up the green beans, which then go through the grader.  The result is each tray contains a specific grade:  peaberry, extra fancy, fancy, number one, prime, triple X, and rubbish.

The green coffee comes from the grader above, down to the gravity table.  The heavier, better quality beans stay on the higher left side; the lighter, lower quality beans are on the right side.  The master miller Jason knows where to adjust the two boards that control which beans go in which of the three bins.

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